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    Buying Land as a Texas Veteran

    Are You a Veteran Who Dreams of Owning Your Own Property?

    Do you want to buy undeveloped land in the State of Texas? If you are a veteran in the State of Texas, there may be options for you that you are not aware of.

    The Texas Veterans’ Land Board

    A great resource for Texas veterans is the Texas Veterans Land Board. The Veterans’ Land Board (or VLB) offers loans to veterans at competitive rates. It is easy to qualify and this type of loan is the only one of its kind in the country. The loan can be used for the purchase land for real estate in Texas.

    There are only a few requirements. The property must be entirely within the State of Texas, contain at least one acre of usable land, and be accessible by road.

    The purchaser must be a veteran, member of the National Guard, or Reserves living in the State of Texas at the time of purchase.

    There are a few other requirements, which are not difficult; but you do not want to be disappointed, so be sure to speak to your real estate agent if you would like to apply for this type of loan.

    Auction Properties Available

    While you are considering your options through the Texas Veterans Land Board, be sure to consider purchasing one of their auction properties. These are VLB forfeited tracts available at great prices. One veteran said that he applied for a VLB loan and bid on a two-acre piece of riverfront property that sold for $82,000. Similar properties nearby were selling for much more. He narrowly missed that opportunity but looks forward to finding the next great auction deal.

    This property, according to the veteran, would have been an investment as well as a future home building site. What a great way for veterans to build for the future!

    If you are looking for the home of your dreams on a piece of Texas with elbow room, check out your options for land purchased through the Texas Veterans Land Board. It is a great benefit for Texas veterans.

    There are great benefits to veterans in the State of Texas, and your San Antonio expert realtor can help you take advantage of them and many other real estate opportunities in the San Antonio area.

    Contact me Realtor Ray McCurty if you are a veteran considering to buy land for a home in Texas.

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