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    First Time Home Buyers Dream!

    Owning your own home is smart. There are a lot of benefits to buying a home. A mortgage can be more reliable than periodic rent increases which can play havoc with your budget. There is no landlord to deal with. You never have to worry about your home being sold without your consent. There are terrific tax benefits for you when you deduct property taxes and mortgage interest. You enjoy benefits when your home increases in value. It is the best thing to own your own home!

    There is something special about buying your first home. To many people it feels like a rite of passage. It has gravitas. Signing documents at closing feels very important and significant. There is great satisfaction in knowing that you accomplished something in order to get to this place.

    Things to Think About

    Most people do not have the cash to pay for a home outright, so that means financing must be found. Be prepared to come up with some cash for a down payment and closing costs. There are many programs available to help home buyers, so do not be afraid to try.

    You may wonder whether a house or a condo is a good choice for you? If you like the simplicity of no yard work and the additional amenities such as a pool, exercise room or party room, a condo may be for you. If you like as much space as possible between you and your neighbors, maybe a house would be better. It may be important to you about being in a particular school district or just be closer to your job.

    Valuable Information

    Do not forget to ask questions if you have concerns. Ask whether there are manuals for the hot tub or the appliances. What is under that odd square piece of concrete in the corner of the backyard? Where is the water main shut off valve? This information will be very valuable months or years after buying a home.

    This is your new home! Make it great!

    Contact me Realtor Ray McCurty if you are considering to buy a house. Thank you. Search for Houses

    First Time Home Buyers Dream!

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